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Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

A Semi-Electric Hospital Bed is great choice for someone who wants electric bed functions with a low cost. Semi-electric beds have electric controls for raising and lowering the head and feet but a manual crank for adjusting the height of the bed. Shop Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

Full Electric Hospital Beds

Full-Electric Hospital Beds can do everything, giving the bed-user full control and independence. Raising and lowering the head or adjusting the height of the bed are made through the electric controls. Shop Full Electric Hospital Beds

Hill-Rom Hospital Beds

Hill-Rom beds offer a more complete range of features than a full-electric bed, as well as a more durable frame for added stability. Casters on facility-quality beds are also designed for heavy-duty use, making it easier to move the bed for cleaning, changing linens or simply to provide the patient with a new venue.Shop Hill-Rom Hospital Beds