Hill-Rom Advanta 2 Med Surg Hospital Bed Set



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Advanta 2
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The Advanta 2 bed integrates several features that facilitate an intuitive, empowering experience for caregivers and your loved one alike. With Four-corner brake and steer for easy mobility, One Button Dining Chair and Built-in Bed Extender. Designed by experience clinical professionals, the comprehensive Safe Skin program for the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown helps improve outcomes with the goal of making them sustainable. The Advanta 2 is designed to deliver optimal patient care and comfort. Patient safety is the number one concern of every caregiver. That's why the Advanta 2 state-of-the-art features help the caregiver avoid potential safety issues and support fall prevention programs and protocols. The Advanta 2 bed is designed to promote safety.


Advanta 2 Med Surg Frame

  • Smart Bed technology enabled for connectivity with NaviCare® Nurse Call, other nurse call systems and EMRs. 
  • SafeView® alerts system gives you additional support in taking care of your loved one.
  • Bed exit monitoring system with Hill-Rom’s patented three-level detection algorithms. Helps reduce false alarms with normal patient movement.
    • Three-Mode Bed Exit System with three different sensitivities
      • Patient Movement
      • Bed Exiting
      • Out-of-Bed
  • Nightlight gives you enough light to aid your loved one without waking them up
  • Audible “brake not set” alarm for added safety and making sure your loved one is secure when being worked on or getting out of bed.
  • SlideGuard® bed articulation technology with Auto Contour™ feature optimizes shear and friction prevention by eliminating slouching in bed when the head is raised. Ideal for high risk skin breakdown patients.
  • Electric vascular foot position gives you quick and easy access to raise feet for vascular needs.
  • Care Grip patient egress assist handle great ergonomic safety handle for getting in and out of bed
  • Integrated scale helps monitor patient weight without disturbing your loved one.
  • Point-of-Care® nurse controls are great for caregivers in providing easy point of care controls.
  • One-button Dining Chair® feature gives you perfect positioning for dining or sitting up with one button control.
  • Automatic battery backup gives you bed control in any power outage event.
  • Patient in-rail storage compartment is a great place for your loved on to place magazines, ipad or any personal item within reach, but stored away.
  • Digital head of bed angle display is ideal for those who are instructed to not go over a certain head angle degree or need to be at an exact head angle degree.
  • 30° head of bed alarm added safety feature.
  • One-hand bed extender
  • Integrated Line Manager


(If you need a mattress not listed please call so we can get you the exact mattress you need)


Hill-Rom Maxi Float FLP Mattress

This top-of-the-line pressure reduction mattress features four layers of the highest quality foam. The anatomically designed, five-zoned third layer helps to provide excellent pressure reduction for high-risk patients.

  • Multilevel Heel Pillow™ design that significantly reduces interface pressures in the sensitive heel area for the life of the mattresses.
  • Hypolex® brand Ultra™ top cover that resists stains and water. The cover offers low moisture vapor transmission rates and has an antimicrobial agent on the top and bottom surfaces.
  • Double-reinforced handles allow for portability.
  • Fit most standard bed frames.
  • Made in USA.

Hill-Rom AccuMax Quantum VPC Mattress

The AccuMax Quantum™ VPC Surface offers an affordable therapy solution for patients at moderate risk of skin breakdown. Through its non-powered Controlled Release valve technology the AccuMax Quantum™ VPC Surface provides dynamic pressure redistribution to help prevent and manage skin breakdown without the need for a blower, pump, or power source.


  • Controlled Release™ valve technology automatically adjusts during patient movement to deliver consistent pressure redistribution therapy.
  • Patented Heel Pillow™ is designed to reduce interface pressure in the sensitive heel area.
  • Viscoelastic foam topper is designed to increase patient comfort and envelopment for lower interface pressure.

Hill-Rom Tempur-Pedic Wound Surface

The Hill-Rom® Tempur-Pedic® surface offers superior comfort and support in a pressure ulcer prevention surface. This non-powered mattress incorporates TEMPUR material to gently mold to the patient’s shape and evenly distribute weight. We know comfort is important to you and your patients and the Hill-Rom® Tempur-Pedic® surface makes the connection between good sleep and recovery a reality.

  • Shear liner and bidirectional stretch ticking help minimize shear and friction and provide added patient comfort
  • Reinforced and ergonomically designed handles allow for easy maneuvering of the mattress
  • Polyurethane coated ticking and RF welded seams protect the mattress from fluid penetration
  • Anti-skid bottom helps keep the surface in place on the sleep deck
  • Anti-microbial agent in foam provides additional protection from odor-causing bacteria
  • Optional NanAg+ with Smart SilverTM ions protects surface from stain and odor-causing bacteria
  • Prevention surface reduces the risk of pressure ulcers by utilizing clinically proven Tempur-Pedic® material
  • Comfortability makes the patient more comfortable and relaxed within the hospital atmosphere with superior comfort levels known by Tempur-Pedic®
  • High Weight Capacity accommodates weight up to 500 lbs
  • Patient Use Low-moderate risk patients to Prevention and treatment for Stage I, II

Hill-Rom 300 Wound Surface Mattress

The Hill-Rom® 300 Wound Surface with alternating pressure and low air loss capabilities is an affordable option for a range of care settings. From the hospital to the home, this easy to use surface has features and safety components to support the needs of patients and caregivers.

  • Designed for moderate to high-risk patients to prevent and treat Stage I through uncomplicated Stage IV pressure ulcers*.
  • Weight Capacity Accommodates patients weighing 88-350 lbs.
  • Unique cell-on-cell technology provides added support and minimizes bottoming out.
  • Auto firm function quickly provides uniform firmness to accommodate nursing procedures.
  • Bi-directional stretch mattress cover to help reduce shear forces.
  • Vapor permeable and waterproof cover with RF welded seams.
  • Compact system is lightweight and easily stored by rolling up and weighs less than 25 lbs.
  • Adjustable therapy cycle times and comfort control settings to support patient comfort within a therapeutic range. Choice of four alternating pressure cycle times with 10 comfort control settings.
  • Audible and visual power failure alarms plus a sub mattress that remains inflated for eight hours enables continuity of care during electrical outages.
  • Lock-out functions can be used to help prevent accidental setting changes.
  • Anti-skid bottom and security straps help keep the surface in place on the sleep deck.

Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite Therapy Surface Mattress

With its  choice of therapies, the  Hill-Rom® Synergy® Air Elite enables caregivers to create customized safe skin programs for their patients. The surface provides flexibility throughout the healing period by providing the option to choose alternating pressure therapy when your patient needs it. The comfort control feature facilitates pressure redistribution to suit the individual needs of your patient and the low-air-loss capability helps keep your patient's skin cool and dry.

  • Three Therapy Settings:
    • Low air loss therapy for moisture control helps keep the skin cool and promotes a dry healing environment. Vented air cushions provide effective low air loss therapy
    • Alternating pressure therapy provides pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
    • Pressure Relief
  • Ideal for patients in Prevention/Treatment Stage I, II and uncomplicated Stage III / IV wounds
  • Prevention to Healing: Flexibility to customize therapy for prevention and healing
  • Multiple function choices powered by blower technology allow mattress to perform rhythmic inflation and deflation to redistribute and reduce patient interface pressure.
  • Individual air cushions have adjustable pressure to suit individual patient comfort needs.
  • Waterproof and vapor permeable ticking.
  • Quick Filling fully inflates in less than two minutes.
  • Safety
    • Auto firm function provides uniform firmness to accommodate caregiver procedures.
    • Power failure triggers auto alarm
    • Main power switch can be shut off in an emergency
    • CPR hose disconnects for rapid deflation
    • 2.5" foam base provides support in the event of a power failure


White Glove Delivery:

We include White Glove Delivery with Hill-Rom beds and your bed will be Delivered by a Hill-Rom Technician. The Bed will be setup in the room of your choice and all the debris will be removed upon completion. The Hill-Rom Technician will also inspect the bed to make sure it is in perfect condition. (Due to the delivery service the average delivery time from the day you order is 7-10 business days)

  • Hill-Rom Technician will properly set your bed up and inspect to make sure it is in perfect condition.
  • Product Overview and Training from the Hill Rom Technician will provide you all you need to know about your bed or mattress.
  • Worry Free Delivery gives you the peace of mind that your bed will be properly setup and all debris will be removed from the house.
  • 1 Year In Home Service from your Hill-Rom Technician make sure that your patient or loved one will be in a perfect functioning bed.
eMed Hospital Beds is an Authorized Hill-Rom Retailer which guarantees the following:
  • Brand New Products: All products are brand new and the latest model, delivered directly from Hill-Rom
  • Full Hill-Rom Warranty: All products carry the full Hill-Rom Warranty and serviced by Hill-Rom Technicians
  • Hill-Rom Service and Parts: If any item ever needs to be serviced under warranty, all parts and labor are provided by Hill-Rom
  • Hill-Rom Delivery and Set Up: Your item will be delivered and set up by a Hill-Rom Technician. All debris will be removed after set up.
  • Hill-Rom Product Overview and Training from the Hill-Rom Technician will provide you all you need to know about your bed or mattress.

Specifications / Warranty

Bed height
Low position floor to top of deck: 15.75" (42.55 cm)
High position floor to top of deck: 32.5" (82.55 cm)
Sleep surface
Width: 36.00" (91.44 cm)
Normal length: 80.00" (203.20 cm)
Overall width:
40" (102 cm)
Overall length
Normal: 94.04" (238.86 cm)
Bed articulations
Max head of bed elevation: 65°
Max knee elevation: 36°
Max Trend and reverse Trend: 16°
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

All Welds: Lifetime Warranty
Mechanical/Electrical: 2 Year Warranty
2 Years: Hill-Rom warrants to the original purchaser that its mattress product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship
1 Year: Electro mechanical mattress components (compressors, valves, printed circuit boards, hoses, and couplers)

Product Videos

Hill Rom Advanta™ 2 bed and CareAssist® Bed Slideguard™ Feature (02:32)
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