Hoyer Professional Deluxe Stand-Aid Sling



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Hoyer Professional Deluxe Stand-Aid Sling is suitable for those residents who have a greater degree of weight bearing ability. It allows excellent access for toileting and is easy to fit, providing quick and effective transfers. Its non-slip back pad ensures the sling does not ride up during the transfer. It is to be used with Hoyer Journey Power Patient Lift.


  • Hoyer Deluxe Stand-Aid Sling for Journey Lift is made from polyester
  • Durable, soft and comfortable
  • Comes with adjustable waist strap
  • Angle of the straps has been carefully calculated to ensure the correct posture and comfort of the resident
  • Centerline markers aid the caregiver in the correct positioning of the sling, especially when inserting the sling before an off the bed or floor transfer
  • Color of the sling: Grey which means contamination is easy to spot
  • Colored binding provides clear recognizable size information

Specifications / Warranty

Patient Fit: Patients with head and neck control. Patients that can bend at hip, knee and ankle.
Use For: Weight bearing practice and Bed to Chair Transfers
Specifically made for the Journey, Ascend and Elevate Lift
Small - 55-110 Lbs.
Medium - 100 - 210 Lbs.
Large - 200 - 300 Lbs.
Weight capacity: 440lb
Cradle type: Loop

Warranty: 6 Month Warranty