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Product Description

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Stature is Hoyer's flagship product which recognizes the true needs of the modern care environment. With a safe working load of 500 lbs. and a broad lifting range, the Stature is able to cope with the most demanding and technical resident handling situations.


  • FREE Full Back Flat Sling with Purchase! This is a more specialized sling. It incorporates integral boned head support and padded leg pieces and is available in all sizes from XS to XL. The correct size will fit snugly and give full protection for residents who go into extension, or have involuntary movements or behavioral problems.
    • X-Small: 55-80 Lbs.
    • Small: 80-110 Lbs.
    • Medium: 110-210 Lbs.
    • Large: 210-300 Lbs. 
    • X-Large: 300-350 Lbs.
  • Straight mast design 4-Point Cradle
  • Scalloped base for easy caretaker use
  • Integrated hand control
  • Safe working load of 500 lbs

Optional Slings:


Hoyer Premium Quickfit Sling

Durable polyester sling that provides a comfortable and superior lift.  Great those who are unable to assist on their own or who can provide some assistance.  Works best for bed-to-wheelchair and floor transfers.

Size Weight Capacity
X-Small 80 lbs.
Small 110 lbs.
Medium 210 lbs.
Large 300 lbs.
X-Large 350 lbs.

Hoyer Premium Access/Toileting Sling

Designed for toileting purposes only and requires the patient to be able to sit upright.  It is not to be used on all patients and should not be used as a general-purpose sling.

Size Weight Capacity
X-Small 80 lbs.
Small 110 lbs.
Medium 210 lbs.
Large 300 lbs.
X-Large 350 lbs.

Specifications / Warranty

Lifts Patient from Floor: Yes
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
Overall Length: 50.8"-54.7"
Overall Height: 76.6"-83.8"
Height to Attachment Point (4 pt.): 15.4"-61"
Height to Attachment Point (6 pt.): 26.6"-77.1"
Turning Radius: 61"
External Leg Width: 29.9"-53.5"
Internal Leg Width: 25.1"-48.4"
Furniture Clearance: 4.3"
Ground Clearance: 1.2"
Casters: 4"
Product Weight: 162 lbs.
Battery: 24vDC rechargeable sealed lead

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

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