Liko Sabina II Sit to Stand LIft



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Three Lifts in ONE.

Sabina differs from other sit-to-stand lifts. The well-thought-out accessories give several different possibilities in one single lift. And being able to adapt a raising motion or a lifting situation according to the patient’s abilities obviously gives a better result than using the same solution for all patients. Sabina has easilly exchanged sling bars. The most common is the narrow sling bar (Slingbar 350) which is used with the Liko SupportVest or Liko SafetyVest. Patients who have pressure-sensitive armpits use the Comfort Slingbar and ComfortVest. Sabina can also, to a limited extent, be used as a lift for lifting sitting patients (so called passive lifting).

The ability to adapt each raising or lifting operation to the capabilities of the patient always gives better results than using the same solution for all patients. Sabina® II is designed to adapt to the individual patient.


  • Use both as a stand up lift as well as a convention floor to sit lift: The Sabrina II sets the standard in design with the ability to be used as a stand up lift as well as a convention lift. Depending upon the patient this lift can serve as a stand up and be used as a conventional if needed in the future.
  • Height Adjustment: Sabina® II has adjustable height levels for different sized patients.
  • 440 Lbs. Weight Capacity: High lift capacity 
  • Manual or Powered Base: Available in with a manual or powered base widener.

Optional Slings


Liko Support Vest

Liko® SupportVest is used with Sabina® sit-to-stand lift. The SupportVest is a comfortable sling which lifts behind the back and under the arms. It is easy to use and requires only minimal individual adjustment to suit any patient. SupportVest’s soft padding distributes pressure evenly and comfortably. The belt holds the SupportVest in place around the body during the initial stage of raising.

Size Suggested Weight Range
Small 44-66 lbs.
Medium 66-110 lbs.
Large 154-264 lbs.
X-Large 242-550 lbs.



Liko Safety Vest

For patients who are unable to stand steadily, tensioning devices that provide adequate security are important. SafetyVest utilizes the same safety concept as Liko® MasterVest, which has been used for nearly twenty years by thousands of patients in raising and sit-to-stand situations. Together with the Sit-To-Stand Lift Sabina®, SafetyVest lifts in a way that is self-regulating and very safe, so that both patient and caregiver can feel secure. Liko® SafetyVest is recommended especially for patients with poor stability who have difficulty standing.

Size Suggested Weight Range
Small 44-66 lbs.
Medium 66-110 lbs.
Large 154-264 lbs.
X-Large 242-550 lbs.


Specifications / Warranty

Max. Load: 440 lbs (200 kg)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Base height: 4.3 inch (11 cm)
Width: 27 inch (69 cm)
Length: 42 inch (106 cm)
Material: Steel
Emergency lowering: Mechanical and electrical
Base widening: Electrical or Manual

Lift: 3 Year Warranty
Battery: 3 Month Warranty

Product Videos

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