Company Information


Our Family
Our family has over 15 years of medical sales experience, and we therefore understand our customers' needs when shopping online. We are here not only to make your shopping experience easy and understandable, but also to provide resources such as product experts and customer service that is just a phone call, online chat, or email away. We are a family owned and operated company that understands the importance of our customers' medical needs and a company that strives to provide a high quality product at a great price with customer service support second to none. We are here to help.

Our Customers
Our customers are our family. We work everyday to be there for our customers, whether it be to provide products for loved ones or to give assistance in product knowledge. We are here to listen to what you need and provide you the utmost in customer care and service. We treat every customer as if they are our sisters, brothers, mothers, or fathers.

Medical Equipment Experts
With over 15 years of medical equipment sales experience, eMed Hospital Beds strives to find your family the just right quality product at a competitive price. We have traveled to the world's largest medical manufacturers to learn their processes and the equipment advantages for our customers. Our family goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and educated about the products your loved one needs.
We Are Here To Help You
The greatest thing we can provide our customers is product sales expertise followed by fast delivery and top rated Customer Service. We know that this isn't an easy purchase as it is and we promise to make sure our customers are taken care of from the sale to years after your purchase.